Adaptive Skill Measurements


How do adaptive skill measurements work?
Our exclusive adaptive skill measurements work by benchmarking your skill level compared to other professionals who also use the technology.  The patent-pending assessment technology uses Item Response Theory, Bayesian math and more to ...
How is my skill status determined and what does it mean?
After completing the adaptive skill measurement, you’ll see your current skill status for that technology. Your skill status, or current rating, is determined based on how you answer the adaptive skill measurement questions. Our algorithm dyn...
How can I retake a test or re-measure skill level?
We have two different ways to update your skill measurement. First, you can "re-take" a skill measurement if you feel that the score did not accurately represent your knowledge.  To do this re-take, you will simply click the o...
How does the skill measurement know where I should start in a skill path?
Skill paths are structured in three level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Skill measurements provide a skill status or rating that fall in three levels: novice, proficient and expert. Your skill status typically aligns with where i...
What if I don’t think my skill status is correct?
We will soon have the ability to let you try the test again if you think your result is inaccurate or somehow not representative of your true skill. Doing this will replace the lesser score. Note: We will also soon have the ability to determine how...
What skills are adaptive skill measurement available for currently?
Look on the path pages for “Development,” “IT” and “Creative” for test availability. 
Can I see the other professionals I’m being compared to?
Not at this time.
Can I share my skill status?
Currently, the best option for sharing your adaptive skill measurement results is to take a screenshot of the results page. We will be updating this for members and group admins. 
Do I need to have a subscription to take a skill measurement?
You will need a Pluralsight account. If you do not have one yet, you can get one by subscribing, with a free trial or through a business account. 
What devices are skill measurements currently available on?
Currently, via a supported web browser.
How are skill measurements different than learning checks?
Learning checks are focused on helping members check their knowledge of course material and retention and are best used as learning aid. They can be retaken multiple times and are not timed. Skill measurements look at a skill in a much more ...
If I am on a business license, will my employer see my skill status?
Not at this time. We are actively researching the best way to share employee skill levels to highlight skill growth.